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The moveNBfree philosophy is to ‘awaken’ one’s individuality

Transform, nurture and rejuvenate our body and mind through surf, yoga, dance, music, adventure, organic spa treatments and delicious healthy food.

Movement is energy, change, progression, freedom and life
without movement life ends

m = music
music and dance spark our individuality

o = opportunity
meeting other people with whom we share, from whom we learn and to whom we give back to

v = vivid
discover the radiant colours of Brazil, its vibrant people and its rich culture

e = energy
movement creates energy, let this energy flow freely through our bodies, fill our veins, thoughts and soul

n = nature
we respect our natural environment and become one with nature

NB = Nele Blaton and be

b = beauty
bring out the inner and outer beauty of all kind

f = flourish
through movement we grow, flourish and thrive

r = rhythm
being guided by our own rhythms of life we experience true bliss

e = ecology
we respect the earth, ourselves and others by living a sustainable life, minimizing our ecological footprint

e = equality
we treat people with equality and respect