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Nele Blaton - founder
Born and raised in Belgium Nele moved to Canada upon graduating in 1988 with a Masters in Physical Education, Sports and Movement Science.

Movement - being it physical, mental or spiritual - has been the backbone of her life. Since childhood she has been passionately involved in sports (she competed mainly in track & field and then triathlons), dance (from ballet to jazz, tap and hip-hop, and ultimately Samba & Afro-Brazilian) and wellness.
Besides bodily stimulation she also needs to challenge her brain and loves doing this by learning languages (she speaks 7) and solving brain teasers. Over the last couple of years she has been nurturing her soul and has been following more her intuition and heart in her decision making.

Through her extensive travels she has flourished and learned much more about herself and others. Travelling world wide, meeting and interacting with people have enriched her entire being and have opened up many horizons. Since a teenager she has been fascinated by Brazilian music, especially Bossa Nova and Samba. She learned Portuguese because she wanted to move to Brazil without ever visiting the country, meeting a Brazilian or knowing how or what to do. Brazil had to wait because she met a wonderful man with whom she took off to Canada instead.

In 2003 Nele took her first Samba class in Vancouver and soon thereafter performed back on stage. Samba sparked her life again, woke her up from a semi-sedated state. After participating in the 2008 Rio Carnaval and truly experiencing the vibe from 'o pais tropical', she was totally hooked. 9 months later she went back to Brazil and travelled around for 4 months, after which she decided to make Itacaré, Bahia her new home. In 2010 she became the proud owner of Pousada Tãnara  on Tiririca beach.

Her lives in Belgium and Canada have been very fruitful and have ultimately been the springboard to the life she’s now living in Brazil. 

Move and be free!

Julia Linford
Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Julia has been in the spa industry for over 12 years, as an outstanding esthetician, organic skin care specialist and massage therapist.
She has lived in London, England for three years working in a world renowned spa, as a personal esthetician and massage therapist on a large yacht in the Mediterranean and then managed a spa in the Cayman Islands. 
Back in Vancouver since 2005 she started her own business  J-Spa.
She created her own exclusive skincare line - J naturals 100% pure, handmade in Vancouver and it has been a huge success.  

Julia brings to us her extensive knowledge, experience, high quality service and healing hands, with a real passion for organic ingredients, fresh from Brazil, Hungary and Vancouver.
Julia has travelled to Brazil four times  spending most of her time in Bahia, and quite some time studying Afro-brazilian dance in Salvador.  Julia has a true love for Brazil, its culture, the people, the amazing spirit and all the beauty that Brazil has to offer.  
"My heart came alive during my time spent in Brazil, and I felt as though I was at home".  
Now she wants to share all these wonderful experiences with YOU.
Julia met Nele during Samba class in Vancouver in 2007 and also participated in the 2008 Rio Carnaval. They travelled together to Brazil several times, share the same passion for Brazil, its culture and people, and became best friends.