Feel the passion, spirit and rhythms of Brazil ‘o pais tropical’

You are open to exploring new places, people and their cultures, you have an adventurous spirit, 
like to be active in a fun way, you aspire to a healthy lifestyle, you want to live life to the fullest! 
You’ve heard many great stories, seen amazing photos, your next door neighbour went, 
so you want to go too....... however, 
you are a bit hesitant: where to go, what to see and experience, where to stay?
Look no further, relax, we plan the time of your life with our Brazilian Journey!  


Movement is energy, flow, expression, change, vitality, progression, freedom, 
without movement life ends    


The moveNBfree philosophy is to ‘awaken’ one’s individuality.
Transform, nurture, rejuvenate our 
body, mind and soul 
through unique experiences.

Holistic Journey

The packages include accommodation, food, experiences, wellness, sacred plant medicine practices, led by qualified facilitators.

Pousada Tãnara

You will be staying at this charming, rustic, wooden seashore pousada located at 
Tiririca beach in Itacaré. 
Capacity 11 people.

Experiences of a life time

Learn how our experiences and retreats 
can transform your life!

Healthy Lifestyle

Activitiesyoga, pilates, paddle, surf, dance, capoeira, percussion, art, nature walks in the rainforest to waterfalls and beaches
Wellnessbody and facial massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki,  crystal therapy, chakra balancing, earthing, detox...
Local organic vegan-vegetarian food


Experiences that open up your mind and spirit, expand your visions and beliefs and help you to become the best version of yourself through: meditation, sacred plant medicine, sound healing, light therapy,  breathwork, cacau ceremony...

Life Success

Once you realize that the world is your oyster, that there are infinite opportunities and that you are capable of accomplishing anything in life, you are ready to manifest your dreams and true desires.