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We offer a variety of retreats, Courses and workshops. 
We also allow other facilitators to host their retreats at Pousada Tãnara Holistic Home.



Retreat 1 December 3 - 10 
Retreat 2 December 15 - 22   
HEALING YOUR INNER CHILD Childhood is the basis of our life, through which we can build strong pillars of firmness and joy. The rescue and care of our inner child gives us the understanding to understand some unconscious issues that resonate in our present, through this attention and care with elements that need to be healed and/or exalted we can simplify and get to the heart of questions and anxieties of life. our adult life, thus understanding, we can better direct ourselves and live more fully in the present time. 
The first field that crosses us in everyday life is THE CURE OF OUR RELATIONSHIPS, revisiting childhood moments gives us the possibility to understand and relate better with partners, family and friendships. This child that we were, especially from 0 to 7 years old, continues with its lively and active energy in our subconscious. 
Another element of paramount importance for a healthy life is LOVING YOURSELF, generally self-love reflects the way of loving that we learn in childhood, especially our relationships with the maternal and paternal figure, healing wounds that may have arisen at that time and releasing the bonds of past that cause blockages. 
The child that we were is directly linked with our ability to CREATE AND MANIFEST, because in childhood there are no limits to where imagination can take us, and this creativity and will to live of the child, when rescued, opens the door to life. portal of infinite possibilities. The possibility of imagining is the key to creation and being creating and manifesting in the world, bringing fluidity to your existence is also a channel to live happier. 
Finally, the healing that comes from the child is a powerful channel for you to become A PORTAL TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD. 
Package per person R$ 4700 to R$ 5400 (depending on room*) 
- 7 night accommodation at  Pousada Tãnara Holistic Home  (based on 2 people per suite)
- 3 vegan/vegetarian meals per day (local food and mostly organic), filtered water
- Sacred plant medicines: Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Cocoa ceremony, Rapé
- 1 yoga class / meditation per day
- Yantras, Kirtan and Mantras, Art therapy, Sound yoga, Nidra yoga, Sacred feminine, Sacred masculine, digital detox, 
- Tibetan bowls Sound healing, Singing circle, Integration wheel, Tarot reading 
- 1 extra Holistic Therapy of your choice: 
  Massage, Chakra balancing, Crystal therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Sound healing, Astrology, Aromatherapy 
- Activities at extra cost: surf lesson, boat trip on the river Contas, passing mangroves and arriving at a gorgeous waterfall, hike in the Atlantic rainforest to prainha beach via a small waterfall, 
Not included:
- airfare, airport transfer, insurance, activities at extra cost, extra nights prior or after the retreat.
*Suite Ibisco R$ 5400, suite Condor R$ 5250, suite Acacia R$ 5100, suite Oasis R$ 4850, suite Tartaruga R$ 4700
Suite Acacia is best for a couple since the bed cannot be separated!


December 10 - 13   
Traditional ancestry healing ceremony. 
The prayer is by Amau Cid, a medicine man, psychologist and prayer musician with 18 years of study with sacred medicines. Amau comes from Chile bringing an Andean prayer with Icarus and authorial songs that lead us into deep contact with our ancestry and with the healing of light, the brightness of the sun and the strength of the earth. 
His songs are performed in  Hz432, achieving a natural and harmonic musicality with the vibrating fields of nature.
A two-day immersion course with studies, meditations and practices that lead us to better communication with nature, the elements and the forces that surround us, bringing nature medicine into our lives.
In order to awaken the awareness of "good living", we will learn about traditional Shamanism and its worldview, being able to apply native and ancestral knowledge in our daily lives.  In the course we will cover topics such as: 
- The wisdom of the 7 directions and the 5 elements
- Encounter your power animal and shadow animal 
- Ancient Shamanic cosmovision 
- Recipes for medicinal extracts with healing herbs 
- Shamanic Healing Meditations 
- Tobacco Cleansing 
- Offering to Pachamama and its meanings
All this in deep connection with the Sacred Great Spirit, bringing the recognition of our Personal Medicine. We will also learn to care for the sacred fire and celebrate life with songs and music. 
An experience that benefits the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, honouring and strengthening the connection with ancestry and harmony with the cycles of nature.
Package per person R$ 2350 to R$ 2650 (depending on room*) 
*Suite Ibisco R$ 2650, suite Condor R$ 2590, suite Acacia R$ 2530, suite Oasis R$ 2410, suite Tartaruga R$ 2350

Suite Acacia is best for a couple since the bed cannot be separated!
- 3 night accommodation at Pousada Tãnara Holistic Home  (based on 2 people per suite)
- 3 vegan/vegetarian meals per day (local food and mostly organic), filtered water
Not included:
- airfare, airport transfer, insurance, activities at extra cost,  extra nights prior or after the retreat.

Retreat 1 and 2 can be combined with the Shamanism course!

- For information regarding accommodation and payment please contact Nele at 

+55 (73) 99997-7894

- For more information/ details/ questions regarding the retreats please contact Miró at

+55 (73) 99858-4293

I want to participate

- A 50%*  deposit will secure your place at Pousada Tãnara and your Retreat of choice. 
- Deposit payment by pix** is due by November 5, 2022  (Pix cnpj 05281703000159)
- Balance is due December 1, 2022 (pix
- Payments by Credit Card will be subject to a 5% processing fee

- NO Cancellations after November 5, 2022 
- Cancellations prior to November 5, 2022 will receive refund of deposit paid minus a R$200 administration fee

*More or less, depending on room choice so exact amount of deposit and balance will be communicated by Nele
**For participants who do not have a brazilian bank account please contact Nele for other options.

We want everyone to be able to participate in this life changing experience so there is some flexibility with payments, 
please contact Nele at +55 73999977894 whatsapp

Sacred Plant Medicines


Ayahuasca tea, also known as Santo Daime, is a drink made from the infusion of two Amazonian plants: the jagube vine and the chacrona bush. The word ayahuasca has indigenous origins and can be translated as “wine of the dead”. Also known as "hoasca", ayahuasca contains DMT, harmaline and harmine, substances that increase serotonin levels in the body, helping to improve mood and well-being and can therefore also be used for the treatment of anxiety, depression. and post traumatic stress.


The Wachuma (San Pedro) cactus is fundamental within the Andean cosmovision from Chile to Mexico. It has been consecrated for thousands of years as a bridge between the heart of the sun and Pachamama. His strength connects us with Heavenly Father's energy, with light and truth, bringing us into the present with all our relationships in heart. The ceremony takes place in a circle, 5 portals are opened for the 5 elements advancing through the 4 directions and the heart.


Cocoa has an active property called theobromine, recognized as “Food of the Gods”. Cocoa is a forest medicine, plant of power, that brings the strength of the solar feminine, radiates, expands, inspires and reminds us of who we really are by connecting in a deep way to our hearts. A bitter (not chocolate, huh?!) and spicy drink that invites you to breathe more deeply, bringing relaxation, well-being and grounding. Cocoa awakens joy, ecstasy and pleasure, opens hearts allowing deep connection with oneself and with all beings. Cocoa originates in the Amazon (Brazil and neighboring countries).


Rapé is a sacred shamanic medicine made with tobacco and ashes from roots and plants. It aims to work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. The application is carried out by blowing into the nose, through a kind of straw. In the self-application, Kuripe is used. Some benefits of  Rapé: It helps to focus and sharpen the mind. It cleanses the energy field of the person or environment, in addition to working as a detoxifier for the body and mind, which is why it is often associated with Ayahuasca ceremonies.


Sananga (Tabernaemontana sananho) is a medicine made from the juice of the bark of a root and is applied to both eyes as an eye drop. One of the differences with white eye drops is that it burns and causes tears. The burning can vary greatly, depending on the “grade” of medicine. Spiritually and energetically, sananga helps to clear the eye canal and contributes to the fluidity of perception in the ajna (third eye, or inner vision) chakra. That is, it increases spiritual and sensitive perception and vision.