Movement is energy, flow, expression, change, progression, freedom and life, without movement life ends !

m = magic
life is magical, full of miracles when we allow ourselves to open up, feel, let go, live in the now, we experience true bliss
o = opportunity
life is full of opportunities, embrace them, love who you are, live your passion, reach for the stars and you are successful 
v = vibration
keeping our vibration high, connecting with people, things and places that vibe with us we feel uplifted and joyful 
e = energy
we are energy, all is energy, allow positive energy flow freely within and between us and find balance and inner peace 
n = nature
we respect mother earth, live a sustainable life, and make ethical choices 
NB = Nele Blaton   and be
b = beauty
there is so much beauty on planet earth, see the beauty in all and by bringing out our inner and outer beauty we shine
f = flourish
every day we grow, flourish, thrive and strive to become our best version
r = rhythm
our natural rhythms, self expression through dance, music, art, spark our individuality and make us all unique
e = experience
the more we experience and explore the more enriched we become
e = equality
we treat all people with equality and respect and learn from each other no matter what age or background
Be your unique self
We encourage you to express yourself fully through whichever form you feel most comfortable: dance, music, song, poetry, art, sports, martial arts, ......
The activities and experiences will awaken what may have been dormant and spark your uniqueness. This is your time to shine and bring out your talents. 

Enrich and challenge our brain by learning basic Brazilian Portuguese. We find it important to be able to communicate with the people of the country we choose to travel to - after all they are the ones who 'made' the place we're attracted to. 
Age is ‘irrelevant’, we learn from people any age and never stop learning.